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Substitute Vehicles

At Schmidts, we are here for our customer.  We understand that being without your vehicle can be an inconvenience. This is why, no matter how long you leave your vehicle with us or the size of the repair, we will get you home, or to work.
We offer two different forms of transportation, depending on our customers' needs:

Rental Car Assistance:
In most instances, rental car assistance is provided through the insurance company. They work directly with you and the rental car agency to schedule a time to have a vehicle available at the location your vehicle is being repaired.

  • If you are a claimant, rental car assistance is provided to you through the other drivers insurance carrier. 
  • If you are the Insured, you may have rental car coverage on your insurance policy.

No Insurance?
If you are unable to utililize insurance, Schmidt's is proud to provide a complimentary late model rental car with all repairs exceeding $1200. We work with every rental car agency and will schedule a convenient time for you to drop off your vehicle with us, and have a rental car waiting there for you.

Concierge Service:
If you live or work within the area, and are dropping your vehicle off for a day or less our concierge service will be more than happy to take you home. When your vehicle is ready, our concierge service will contact you to make arrangements to pick you up and bring you back to our repair facility.