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What is Rustop? Visit the Rustop website here.
A preventative maintenance used to preserve your 2nd largest investment, your vehicle.

RUSTOP inc., a sister company of Schmidt’s Collision & Glass, has been specializing in fighting against rust on your vehicle since 1980. Our unique automobile corrosion control formula assists in protecting your 2nd largest investment, your vehicle.

Even though automotive manufacturers have been improving on the way vehicles are built, their efforts are not nearly enough to battle the damages caused by rust due to moisture, humidity, tons of road salt and the other airborne pollutants that can cause the rapid deterioration of your automobile. This is especially true here in Western New York, where we experience harsh winters and the change of seasons. 

An environmentally safe oil based product that is a highly effective rust proofing formula that has been tested and refined to protect and maintain all types of vehicles against the damaging effects of corrosion. 

Rustop, a yearly, oil based treatment for both new and used cars.  Sprayed under extreme high pressure, our product constantly “ creeps” and “crawls” coating, penetrating, and displacing existing moisture in very bit of your car’s body, including the tight seams and crevices where rust starts...the places sealant rust proofing can’t reach. 

RUSTOP may be applied in any weather condition. Any time of the year spring, summer, fall or winter.   

For more information contact one of our RUSTOP centers today to make your appointment.
Yearly application $109.95 & up
RUSTOP centers can be found either at one of our Schmidt’s Collision & Glass locations
or several independent locations are available for your convenience.

RUSTOP Mobile Unit

RUSTOP offers a self-equipped mobile unit for individual and fleet accounts.  This unit will come directly to your facility to apply RUSTOP on your vehicle(s).

No matter how large or small your fleet may be, or the type of vehicle, contact us today to see how we can assist you in maintaining the integrity of your fleet.  Rustop, is a cost-effective way for reducing maintenance repairs extending the longevity, appearance and safety of your fleet vehicles.

Enviro RS-100 Rustop